Poem By Juanita Richardson

ow could u do this to me?
how could you say you loved me and treat me this way?
how was it possible for you to take my love forgranted?
what could have possible made you act the way you did?
what did i do to deserve this?
why couldnt you love me the way i needed to be loved?
why couldnt you understand that all i needed was love?
what am i suppose to learn from this?
how am i to ever look you in the eyes again?
when will my heart stop hurting?
how much longer do i have to feel my soul burning?

i cant keep pretending that everything is ok.
i keep calling on God.
i wonder if he hears me when i pray.
i dont think i can ever love again.
i trust no one.
i dont want to make new friends.

i want to sleep until i cant sleep no more.
i want to leave and never come back.
what am i here for?
i cant go through this again
my heart is too weak
i dont know how much more i can take
i gave the best of me

i dont think i can forgive you
the way i truely want to
i dont think i will ever forget you
how i wish i knew how to

you broke my heart
you broke my heart
you broke my heart in two
oh how i wish
i never met you
i wish i never went through
the pain you brought me through
still i dont hate you

Comments about Heartache

heartache only lasts so long... so don't worry. By the way god is always listening. just because you don't get your answer right away, doesn't mean he didn't hear at all.

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