AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)


There are times, we go through, a lot
of heartache, we try not, to let it show!
But no matter, how we try, just one look
and everyone, will know! Our face, is a
mirror and reflects, what we're feeling,
it's something, you just can't hide!
Whatever it is, that bothers you, comes
from, inside! Some, have a way, of
hiding they're emotions and you'd never
know it, at all. I have to give them credit,
for holding it in, as we're the ones, who
are heading for a fall! In a way, I think it's
best, if you don't fall apart and keep
yourself in tow! However, I find it rather
difficult, as I can't keep it in and have to,
let go!

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I gave it a second read. It's good to let it out if the mirror images don.t break. We all have our tolerance levels for pain and suffering.
Let it out, you feel better.