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Poem By Brandi Poolw

My heart aches,
My stomach churns.
I try to sleep,
As i twist and turn.
You left me,
So broken.
And those words,
So unspoken.
I love you,
And always will.
I am so lost,
Don't know what I feel.
I thought it was real,
So pure and true.
But hey you got to do,
What you got to do.
But you left,
My heart broke and bleeding.
Nothing left to do,
No more pleading.
I miss you already,
ANd it hasn't even been 24 hours.
How could I ever known,
A guy has this kind of power.
To leave a girl,
So confused and lonely.
As we hang the phone,
Up so slowly.
Time froze,
In mid-air.
And you act like,
You don't even care.
My heart bruised,
My eyes swollen.
My life gone,
And my legs keep folding
All of it,
Gone in a matter of seconds.
I really thought I was in heaven.
But heaven don't hurt this bad,
So where am I?
Besides in this,
Lonely chair crying.
WRiting on stained paper,
And listening to 'it's a great day to be alive',
Funny song to be playing now,
God why did you have to say goodbye.
What did I do wrong?
Please tell me.
Then I'll go,
And leave you be.
Time is what you want,
So time you will get.
Just always remember,
That special day we met.
What about.
All of your stuff? .
I can't keep it,
Because it reminds me to much of us.
No longer,
Considered that.
Just a man,
And a woman very sad.
Why did it,
Come down to this?
Just a few hours ago,
We was in relationship bliss.
But as they say,
Time change,
Even though,
It is so strange.
But just know I love you,
Always have and always will.
I just wish you knew,
Exactly how I feel.
But you want space,
So please don't cry.
Nothing more to say,
Than I love you and goodbye.

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