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Heartache..Your Puttin Yourself Through.

I'm not hurt becuz you left me..
I was hurt becuz, you left me for him.
Im quite done with your lies.
I can see it in your eyes..
you said you never lied,
That I can surely prove wrong.
I've seen it with my very own eyes.

The secrets, and little things you hide.
I'm not that stupid.
you tell me I was your everything,
You love me and all the BullCrap.

Couldnt believe that I trusted you.

Go bak to your ex, if you please.
Create your drama there,
I'll just stay here.
I dont wanna deal with you,
Cuz your settin yourself up for heartache.

So go, be Happy!
Cuz thats What He Said He'll Do!

When the day comes,
crying wont do..
Not like it used to.

Shame on you,
if he did more then once.

So today, this is where you and I part.

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