WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Heartaches & Hangovers

Heartaches and hangovers
One after another
Regretting the past
And a couple ex lovers

Whiskey in the cubbard
No longer to roam
This rum keeps me warm
While I'm headed back home

Shots for the pain
The memory, and mistakes
I'm going insane
I leanred they were fakes

Bar room or a jail house
Doesn't matter tonight
I've painted this town
All but white

Pour some whiskey on my scars
And down the rest
Hop into my car
I'm never at my best

Try me and you'll see
Whiskey dulls the pain
I'm begging her please
Take me back to sane

Just one more night
And I'll be dead I know
I'll end up in a fight
And in the ground I'll go

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