The Golden Eve

Time that came out after explosion of an old nebula
And diverged moving beauty all-round the vacant space
In a weak moment of love scattered all its charming wealth
But it burst in tears by losing a gorgeous grace.

The clever agent of time introduced her with him and left
All other on the instincts bestowed upon them by the creator
The ancient existence what else it may be other than love
Love that is neither a viewer nor a listener, not even an orator,

The only language it knows is the language of a silent touch
And the touch did what was planned after a prejudiced thought.
Time is mighty and greedy since then it's engaged in attempts
To bring the portrait back, no wonder, she is portrait of art!

Time attacks her beauty and spreads molten silver on the silk
In stages it brings the decays for a back journey to the fires
It forgets she is going back there with the memories of touches
She will sleep there with the dreams of regaining desires

The golden Eve is favored with love for her beautiful heart
She can capture the Rome of time as she is made of gold,
She can defeat the aging by Mona Lisa's smile on the lips
She is Cleopatra born once again and will never grow old.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (167)

You shall now realize, That heartaches will never last. Beautiful last two lines. dear Bernard...................
Forgiveness from the heart, Forgetting things of the past; Simply sublime and heartwarming, dear Bernard.............
But with God on your side Impossible thing is none. This is inspirational, dear Bernie....................
Getting out of the blue Is easier said than done; Touching and moving, dear Bernard.............
Cry the saddest moan, You shall find it's only you. This is absolutely true, dear Bernie...................
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