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Patterns, rhythm.
Love and anguish.
Lonely lover.
Lost without you.
Yearning, helpless.
Take me, claim me;
save me from these hands of time.
Rhyme and reason
lose their meaning
even though the heart keeps beating,
if the beating falls on deaf ears,
if the heartbeat is alone.
Symbols, meaning.
Careless, reeling.
Stuck in limbo
with a heartful of blue feelings.
Night falls like a somber blanket,
wrapping all my doubts in dreams;
and I'm smiling,
deep in slumber,
sharing secrets seldom told
over glasses full of wine and spirits,
under european clouds.
Gently smiling
'cause this world is
all i've known...
and in this world,
full of kisses,
hugs and fulfilled wishes...
i'm the master of this canvas
as this landscape is unveiled,
the shades of crimson
blind my vision
and my soul is free to see
that your heart beats just like mine does
'cause your love is all my own.

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