DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)


Together through everything we are,
Together we both shine like a star,
Together we are both free,
Together we are beauty.

But then without you,
My world splits in two,
I couldn't take this split,
I couldn't take this hit.

I know you blame me,
You can't just let me be,
You have to hold me tight,
But I know that I am right.

I should've seen it coming,
I should've kept trying,
How was I to know,
You never let it show.

I did all the best I could,
All the things that I should,
I tried to keep us tightly bonded,
But we never stayed bounded.

We tried so many times,
Atleast I did, I know the crimes,
You said you would help,
But I was considered a whelp.

My love is so strong,
I feel my heart is wrong,
I look at you now,
I just don't know how.

We fight every single night,
Both to get the feeling we're right,
The fights got mad,
But fights was all we had.

Now you leave me standing,
And myself I am asking,
Why didn't it work out,
I had no doubt.

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