Poem By Linda Farrar

I never knew what to make
Of the word that is heartbreak
It always seemed like a funny word
In my life, only seen and only heard.

Then one day you came along
With love to give, a love so strong,
You trusted me, I trusted you
But with my love came things untrue.

I held out too long before I told
So many things began to unfold,
Try and try as I might
I could not make it right.

Now here we are,
Me right here, you so far,
The dream for me is now all gone
For you there will be another dawn.

At this point there’s nothing left
All the lies I told were like a theft
I stole your heart and had to give it back,
The real of me is what you lack
So if there is a point it is this for me,
You are so much more than what others see
I love you so and this you must take,
You are my one, my only, Heartbreak.

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