Heartbreak: The Procedure

Poem By nisha dyrene

Love will capture you
Slowly captivate you
Until it holds your heart in a vice
And then suddenly when it ends
Your heart will break into two big jagged pieces
Five smaller chunks and hundreds of shards and shrapnel

For a long time you will hurt
It will hurt to breathe
And as your breath moves through your lungs
Your heart will shake
And you will whisper ‘lord don't let me break now”
Sometimes you will be strong
And sometimes you will be weak

When you are strong, things will get done
And life will move just a little faster
When you are weak, you will cry
In front of strangers
Forget things you were supposed to do
Sometimes you will want to die

After a while, you will get used to the pain
Or learn to ignore it, while it lessens
You will smile and the sound of your laughter will surprise you
Every day you laugh will be a good day

A little longer and you will stop remembering
That old romance of yours -
Your tears have dried up now
His or her name is just a name now
And 'your song' is something you don't listen to anymore

Suddenly your life will be full
And you will be running to keep up with it
You will stop counting good days
And bad days will be rare

And then one day, you will realize
That you don't hurt anymore
You will be so happy
That you may go back just to throw it in his or her face.

Don’t do that
If you do, you will come back broken
A few conversations, reminiscences
Will destroy what you have built
And you will have to start again
Then, when you heart has mended a second time
You will learn not to go back

When you don't hurt anymore
Sit back and smile
The sun will warm your face
And the rain will melt on your tongue
You will smile easily as a green butterfly gets too close
And you will dance
And you will sing
And you will look into another man's eyes
And forget
And know that you will love again

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