The days are creeping in,
closer to your wedding day,
i just don't know what to say,
you broke my heart,
in a thousand ways,
i feel like i hate you,
but can't seem to let go,
i'll bottle it inside,
although it hurts me so,
i see you in the street,
and my heart still does that flutter,
i dunno why,
coz you chucked me in the gutter,
acting so innocent,
like you wouldn't melt butter,
why does it still affect me,
after all this time?
my heart just aches,
everytime the clock chimes,
life with you was a 1: 10 bet,
the more you hurt me,
the more i wish,
we had never met!

by Emma Jane Rae

Comments (2)

Very nicely put together Your speaking to the choir sweety A+
that was really really good.....its got that girl power thing going on..10 ++ :)))