PN (1992 / Malawi)


Dear heartbreaker, don't look back, you will be disappointed, what a mess, I have become, how deep I have fallen

The heartbreaker, don't dare to turn, and look at the hole, I have dug and there I hide day and night from shame

Heartbreaker, please don't look back, I know you thought I was strong enough to handle it, So was I, I lied to myself, that is the only thing I lied to you.

Dear heartbreaker, do me a favour, don't look back, am not one who believes life goes on, to me life has crushed to a standstill.

Oh heartbreaker, dont look back on your endevour, my tears will hold you back, so dont look, i cherish the times we shared and i pray for your happiness always.

I will hide the sweet memories, where no one can find them, they are so precious to me, that's my last promise dear heartbreaker.

Dear heartbreaker, I know you can't read this, I know you stopped caring long time ago, I know you're taken, already? How easy is it for you? I wish I was just like you dear, easy to let it go.

by Pious Nyomiro

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