LK (12/21/1979 / Georgia)


Love tapered from my sight,
vanished on a cold, cold night.
Still cannot get past the way
throat fell silent, no words to say.

Into the nothingness like sin
yet, still, hope to discover again
comfort, warmth of strong, kind hands
that steal my heart to a distant land.

Cannot accept dismissal of me
unbreakable bond, how can this be
years of friendship, love and such
creep away like wind’s hollow touch.

Hit this slump each moment I find
quiet place to think, then comfort in
enchanted nights, beneath our veil
of fantasies and dreams.

Find myself perplexed and scorned,
Your spotted past to me had warned.
My head says do not believe the lies,
but my heart still sings your lullabies.

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