AL (05-29-91 + still living / Wake County, NC)

'Heartbreaking Love'

I'm lost in the dark
I'm only left with a spark
Planning to stay together from the start
But we quickly fell apart

I want to be free
But you stay apart of me
How can I just let you walk away
And never let you walk back my way

Just let you leave without a trace
Leaving my heart with an empty space
Just the memory of your face
That left a trace

Thinking of how you look when you are looking at me
Felt like we were meant to be
If you only knew how I feel about you
The way I live for you

You held me in the night
And now you're running out of sight
I'm calling out your name
As If you had all the fame

Every night I see us together in my dreams
Haunting me in my dreams
Knowing I can't escape you
I can't help myself when I'm not around you

You never believed our love would last long
Telling you time can't erase a feeling this strong
You don't realized the sorrow I have inside
Feels like all has died

Something in your eyes captured my soul
This heartbreaking love, I can't let go
I wonder if you think of me
Although I love will never be

When nights are dark and cold
And I'm lying all alone
I picture you embracing me
But it's only make believe

This heartbreaking love
Is higher than the heaven above
All I want is for you to be there when I open my eyes
Foolishly I romanticized

Once again I sit in silence
Making a million promises
That I wouldn't let this heartbreaking love happen again
Only for abandonment to return to taunt me again

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Comments (2)

Amazing poem. It had a silent and sad soul, that makes it feel as a depressive sucessive magic. Really amazing.
hi baby grl this has a lot of feeling in this poem reall good