Poem By Silverinna Annastasia

He turns away, and I cry.
I run to him, yes I try.
He leaves me alone with a shard in my heart.
This man has torn me apart.
I'm heartbroken.
I'm inside the darkness.
I don't know what to in this loneliness.
He said he loved me, he said he cared.
I said me too and I pushed, though I dared.
He looked at me with disgust!
I must go, far away I must!
He walked away, without a glance.
I've been forgotten, not another chance.
A tear falls.
I'm Heartbroken.

Comments about Heartbroken

Maybe it wasnt meant to be, you gotta learn to know when love has faded and let go....there are many open doors out there, so stop staring at the one already closed...good poem.
full of feelings....i thnk wat u did was right...... grt poem..gud rhymes...
broken love.........it may happens in life and well expressed by the poet, but it is not a end to everything...........well written...

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