RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Heartfelt Fool

Open window, open door, open heart, tears come fourth.
Final chapter to a love gone wrong,
Final kiss to a heart not won.

Leave us there, lock the door, close the windows,
Bleed somemore.......
Empty words, no sorrys in vain.
No simple I love you to ease the pain.

Heartfelt Fool,
Can you be real, can you unlock the way I feel.
Dusted off is that battered dream, closed are the ways you used to be.
Silence can be a comfort, for words left unsaid,
My Heartfelt Fool you've played me again.

Driven down that highway,
I hate those love songs they play.
For that memory returns and bleeds that heart again.
Drop your cover, no need to pretend.
I see you for you, this time not then.

Heartfelt Fool,
Your not real, I lock the door and no longer feel.
Opened up those old dreams there comin around again.
I'll win this battle in this game, we've begin,
No stone left unturned My Heartfelt Fool, you've lost and i win.

Take your heart and leave through the door,

This Heartfelt Fool will bleed no more.

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