I want to die again
seeing you with her.
dose something to me that i cant explain
i just want to kill somebody mostly her
she is trying to take you away from me
im gonna fight for you
give it everthing i got
im not gonna let you go
im to in love with you
just to let you go now
we've been thr 2 much
for me to give up now
i was so hearthless before i met you
and thats how i like it..cuz i have no pain
but when you look at me wit that smile
i know you would be hard to forget
i knew it possilbe for you to brake my heart
but i thought you would never do it
i thought you was in love wit me 2
im trying to keep it all together
trying to pretend that this doesnt hurt
but i cant do it for long
i just hope that she makes you happy
gives you things that i never could
but just remeber im here for you
as long as i live

by Jazmine Staples

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