AR (12/21/95 / Mesa, AZ)

Heartless, Lifeless (A Song)

My chest has something missing
Something very important
Without it I can't live
I'm heartless, for a reason

Without my heart I can't live to see
My life go on
Please, save me, I can't breathe
I'm heartless, for a reason


Heartless, Lifeless
Heartless, Lifeless
Without a heart
I'm lifeless
People would rather have me die
Than live a life
(I feel heartless)

People wouldn't even care
If I did die
People more like me,
Would also have me die
I'm heartless for a reason


The reason I'm heartless
Is because i told my Best friend
Something that was probably wrong
That's the reason I'm heartless and lifeless

(chorus) x2
(Heartless, Lifeless)
(Why can't you see, I'm dying for the best)

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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