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Hearts In Two

Just as the bloom is to the root
And the wire to the guitar
Just as the field is to the fireflies
And the skies are to the stars

So is my heart to yours
Perhaps yours to mine?
Sometimes it takes pieces
For one part to come alive

Yes my heart may beat as one
Yet it is split in two
Perhaps you have half of me
And I have half of you.

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This poem is full of excellent images and very fine lines Just as the bloom is to the root and the wire to the guitar. The first four lines are very beautiful too and the general sense of the poem. My one reservation is that, occasionally your rhythms go a bit off key. If you don't already do so, read your poems out loud several times. I'm only talking of small adjustments, maybe a syllable less or more in a few lines. I hope you don't mind me saying this, Emily. You have loads of talent. Tom Billsborough