Hearts Of Wisdom

When the rain beats on the windswept ground,
and the trees are stripped of leaves.
When we fear the branches crashing down,
and we long for some relief.
Blinding lightening flashes and,
rushing water floods the streets.
Thunder rocks the darkened sky,
but hearts of wisdom still find peace.
Hearts of wisdom come to know,
you can face the threatening storm.
And you can bear the coldest chill,
when you've lived in summer's warmth.
Even lost in wilderness,
you can still be safe from harm.
It's when you're walking on the edge,
that hearts of wisdom may be born.
When we learn to number,
all our days the seasons round.
When we number all our days,
hearts of wisdom may be found.
When a blizzard shakes my house at night,
and I feel the north winds blow.
When I turn out all but one small light,
bank the fire but keep the glow.
I remember words you spoke,
from the heart, I've come to know .
We will never give up hope,
hearts of wisdom don't let go.

by Jane Krieger

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