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I'm sorry Ma'am, Your son is dead.
There was nothing we could do!
His heart was broken,
huge chunks missing,
eaten through and through.

Doctor, what condition could possibly have caused this?

An under diagnosed condition, very often missed.
An early sign and symptom, is a circle round that itches.
It's red and found on left hand fingers,
and sometimes in the britches.
It starts as Wedding Ringworm, but will very quickly spread.
The worms begin to crawl and chew, till they reach the patient's head.
These Brainworms swell and grow, then they begin to start,
a munching towards the patients chest,
where they end in the patient's heart.
And each time a new wife comes, and as that new wife goes,
The Heartworm larger, larger gets, and it's toothy total grows.

Then I guess my son,
he had no chance,
for he lost his wives, all three.
And sadly to his fourth wife,
was he engaged to be.
I've lost my son, now I'm oh so sad.
Oh woe, oh woe is me!
Although he's dead, I know that now,
He's happy to be free!

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Roald Dahl


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