Heat Lightning...

Poem By Eric Cockrell

heat lightning...
we speak hollow words,
build hollow houses,
live hollow lives.

poverty whispers,
we turn away.
poverty shouts,
we walk away!

orphans, or bastards,
we defile our beds.
our mothers lay dying,
our fathers forgotten.

the wheel turns,
we drink, and move on.
our sisters buried,
our brothers on the street.

churches and graveyards,
flags drenched in blood.
stray dogs, lost pilgrims,
heat lightning....

and an empty cup!

Comments about Heat Lightning...

There is so much truth in what you say and to just pick out a stanza as my favorite, we are the only nation I know of that abandons their parents as they get old and feeble. Sin on the dotted line just tell me what rest home and we will take care of the rest. You write some absolute truths.
Love this one, brilliant! !
An of this empty cup we often try to drink to much. Cheers to such a great poem! ! !

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