DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Heated Mistaken Moments

I never meant to be so bad and loose a clue,
A grinning grin that hid distaste had escaped
It was something I never planned as a thing to do,
I wiped that beautiful smile from you face, adieu

Do you remember, under the tree where we used too dance
In the heat of the moment it showed in the eyes, the very moment I lost my mind
Where consequence arose from intense circumstance,
And incidents arose from the error of mistaken romance

And I then I found myself lost flying without any wings
Faster higher, than a pause and I feel crashing from my grace
And upon the floor I found my mistake and a life lived disgraced
But still I was young,

One thing lead to another and inside I found my perfect cover
A lover from the chamber of my mind and the door swung
It’s the heat of the moments which drove me insane,
Left alone my own devices gave rise to my vices and alive they came

I never meant to be sad and blue
A grinning grin which hid from view
It was something I never planned to do, but
Since my birth in 82, the explosion of mania and crash of blues was due

Looking back is all I can do, to understand my own point of view
And as child they where young and I was alone,
Watching hits violently blow by blow time after time
Another heated moment and in me something was born with action to survive

A gift of innocent point of view was driven from me since 82,
And like a poisoned potion in my veins it groaned,
I never meant to be so bad to you I never meant a single thing I do
When im swinging from white to blue my minds monster freely roamed

But now im 26 and pulling through
Dragging myself up the steps to the feet of you,
A perfect angel who’s patience gave me the gift for escape
And this time in the heat of the moment I felt release

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Pablo Neruda

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