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Heated Rhetoric
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Heated Rhetoric

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Whether coming from the inside.
Or the outside done,
To welcome in.
The rise of domestic violence,
Continues to prove these acts to do...
Has been given approval,
With them to begin not soon to end.

Whether coming from the inside.
Or the outside done,
To invite and welcome in.
As if a long lost friend.
Has been getting closer,
To everyone's doorstep.
Leaving someone to know a neighbor,
Experiencing heartbreak to start.
And tears to pour,
From swollen eyes to begin.

Who or what is the cause,
Of these events.
Increasing to notice them,
Stirred up to happen.
Although can prevent.
Who has been given the attention,
With mentioned heated rhetoric.
Spewed from podiums,
In stadiums to brew.
Who has announced very vividly,
Where those of color...
Should go and soon to do.

Who is it that has directed,
Effective action to take...
Against those not accepted,
To receive entitlements.
Not theirs to get.
Because of race or religious beliefs.
While the ones who fake their faith,
Create horrendous misdeeds.
Fed to accept to divide humanity.
And who is it that sits,
In a position to lead.
Day and night 24/7.
Reminding the people,
Racism and discrimination...
Is their entitlement to perform.
To defend against being defeated.

What is the cause?
Mental illness?
As an excuse to use,
To continue to protect...
Those who spew their heated rhetoric.
What is the cause,
Not to have yet been put on pause?
Is as specific to believe this witnessed,
Coming out of the mouths...
Of those who allow,
One flawed beyond description.
Given permission,
To create today's dire human conditions!

That is not the reason."

You are right.
These days we are beset,
By the effectiveness...
One thoughtless has caused.

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