I'm in Heaven while I'm living
Way down here on earth with thee.
For my darling, you're the angel;
That brings it, so close to me.

As God must love his creations,
He would surely be remiss;
If the wonder of your being
Was not one he came to miss.

He might then, take jealous heeding
Of the time I've had with you.
And decide it's time to gather
To Himself this love so true.

That is why I fear the hour
On that dark and fateful day,
When the Lord calls one more angel
Home to join His bright array.

What depression, pain, and sorrow
Shall invade my troubled mind?
As I know that time for certain,
I'll be left so far behind.

Will I yet again know Heaven,
As it's been with you and me?
How much time must I endure, this
Hell on earth it's bound to be?

And if I should tire of sorrow,
And the pain's too much to bear;
Will I find you dear in Heaven
If I go in search up there?

And would I, in seeking Heaven,
Find another Hell instead?
As I know one thing for certain;
Living's Hell, when loves are dead.

I have this to keep me going.
This alone, till life is through.
Just the faith, that God in wisdom;
Knows my Heaven is with you.

And if life and death are parcels
Of the same divine design;
God will share again His angel,
And His kingdom shall be mine.


Comments (6)

Applause! Applause! What a lovely read. So spiritual and deep and inspiring. Excellent words ou weave. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
This was such a simple awesome poem composed.....great theme....10
A wish for reunion of two souls that love eachother, in the Kingdom of God is applauded splendidly in this unique poem..... Regards Naseer
Wow. There is ALOT of heart in this. Are ya smiling at what a good job you did? You should be. :) Debbie
exquisite piece you have written. so touching and filled with the fear of losing the one you love. oh, how your words display heaven itself and brings one into the realm of your blissful words, no matter the emotion that's conveyed.
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