BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)


The silent stillness covers me in darkness
and whispers of my thoughts seem far away
and breathing echoes gently at the edges of my soul
as my eyelids say farewell to stressful days

Velvet tendrils soothe away chaotic melodies
replacing all with graceful hymns of sacred clarity
despairing clouds are parting, giving rise to dawn
where painful memories are eased, alleviated, calm

And in serenity my spirit flies o’er scenes
of pristine fields of laughter ringing on the wind
where children feel no pain and peace has covered all
blanketing and cushioning, each and every fall

Where tears are dried before they form and thorns no longer grow
flowers flourish radiant in meadows pure as snow
and rays of son and shade have joined creating silhouettes
angelic on the faces of all who lay to rest …
within his arms

by Betty Jo Hilger

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