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Heaven is not up in the sky where god lives. They say you cant feel any more pain or sadness in heaven, they lied you have the feeling of emptiness of missing your loved ones and the feeling of sadness because you miss them and they miss you. Heaven is on earth with your wife, kids and family where you can laugh and cry with them. Not in heaven missing them and having the empty feeling of knowing they miss you and you missing them and wanting to go back with them. The only time you should leave your family is when your really old or you are really sick and the body cant take it anymore, that is the only time you should go. When someone close to you pasts away you want to go to heaven with them, why not have them come back to you remove a feeling of sadness and regrets and sorrows of them missing you and you deeply missing them. Heaven is also on earth because you can do all the fun stuff on earth with your family and friends instead of being in the clouds wishing you were right by there side wishing that you were doing whatever your family or friends are. Heaven is also on earth because if someone very close to you is sad and needs a shoulder to cry on, give them yours not someones else s shoulder to cry about you. Even if you yell down from the heavens above them and say everything will be OK, that's not true because if everything was ok, they wouldn't be crying about memories or even missing you and wanting you back. that is what i think heaven really is.

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