LP (October 8,1985 / Mobile, Alabama)

Heaven And Hell

Heaven and hell
why such opposite?
we live everyday splitting the two
why make two places for us to go
everyday is a struggle
trying to complete the balance within
there is no happy medium
no middle ground between the two
everyone sees them different
one man's heaven is another's hell
and vice versa for others
i just don't see a difference
each is what you decide it is
no more or less who you are
what you have read and been taught as a child
means almost nothing as you age
for the older you become
the wiser you get to the world
find its all lies
all the fluffy white clouds
and the eternal firey damnation
so what really is heaven and hell?
stop reading and take a quick look around you......
go ahead.....found it yet?
The answer to this question
you can disagree
but heaven and hell is life!

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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