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Heaven And The Working Class
Lori Boulard ( / )

Heaven And The Working Class

She collects angels
the way others amass shoes,

or a child collects marbles
or unicorns, surrounding herself

with their mythical grace
like a plush mink coat.

Filled to its beams
with a thousand wings

her bedroom crouches, ready
to rise from its floorboards

to the grand foyer of her Lord.
She's been praying

for that moment for some time.
She has some questions for him.

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Comments (3)

I think I get this in the very last stanza.....
I like this poem. I think you could expand on it, make it a two-parter and create an even better poem. The poem is almost too elusive, as regards working class, and what or why the questions. It reads as a person of unquestioning faith (a physial hoarder of faith, in a sense) so I'm wondering why the questions. I like the comparison of the childlike to the faithful. Also the use of a word like 'amass'. A good writing. More thought-provoking than it first appears.
I like this one also, two good writes Lori, very enlightening, and very sweet as well. Love the subject. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX