A. U. S. T. I. N.2

Alright with life! But with love;
Under the eyes of the truth!
Sharing with others without racism,
Tender love and care,
Insight with the muse of wisdom,
Needed to bring peace to the world.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Not a high quality poem. It confirms my view that any old poem hits the spot for the administrators of this site. What criteria is used to decide the rating of this poet? I don't expect an answer.
I have come back to read this a few times today and each time I have visited I have fallen for this beautiful poem. 'but his allegiance is not to permanent forms. His garden's all furious change' And... 'I think he could be forever pleased to participate in motion. Something opens. He writes it down. Heaven steadies and concentrates near the lavender. He's already there. So impressed by the movement and change images in your poem
Coming up again! Thanks for sharing.
His garden's all furious change, budding and rot and then the coming up again; I think he could be forever pleased.... // Beautifully articulated philosophy of life. Thanks.
There's nothing like wisdom and experience.Life may be repetitive but it also packs many surprises..a ten..
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