JL (August 19,1975 / Newark, NJ)

Heaven H* And Here

On the ground is where I lay and gaze into the sky, you're not supposed to question God but Lord I ask You why,
do recent world events effect the way that people live?
Why some can't find a job to earn the cash to feed their kids.

A thorough explanation is the thing that I seek most,
my mind is so intuative and I don't mean to boast,
but if there is a scheme so grand I need to ascertain,
the reason why my people choose to cause and live with pain.

The birds that fly to Heaven now fall down from out the sky,
the world is going crazy with the simple question why,
do fish that swim amongst the sea now wash up on the beach?
What lesson, if there's any, are You really trying to teach?

The speculation brewing up by some?
It all depends, the world and ev'rything we know, that soon it all will end,
the question we must ask ourselves before the earth is gone, is have we as a people earned the right to journey on?

The proof is in the pudding, look one way and back around,
You'll notice that a lot of folks are napping underground,
through no fault of their own they live their days with gloom and strife, til someone with a gun arrives and BOOM, there goes a life.

I understand that some Dear God exist along the edge, of Heaven H*ll & Here, they walk the wire to get ahead,
the balancing is worth it, that's what gets into their head, the surface though is highly waxed which means one slip, they're dead.

The thing that gets me most of all is how we treat our kids, they shouldn't have to suffer with the evil that we live,
I see them as the future not to quote Ms. Houston's song, a sentence of eternal H*ll to those who do them wrong.

I think I'm just concerned Dear God if we are on the path, of righteousness forever in a world that everlasts,
myself I'm far from perfect but I do hope to achieve, I thank You God for list'ning don't give up on us, believe.

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