Beautiful Blue Eyes

Her deep blue eyes
shine with the beauty of her soul,

A life lived in honesty and
fulfillment of her role

Her beauty gracefully worn
over the months and the years

The lines on her face
telling of stresses and fears

Hopes and dreams have come alive
on her unforgettable face
Some fulfilled, some lost in life's tough race

A visage filled with radiance, an honesty that stays
Hair of golden hues like the suns golden rays

A smile that carries a softness
And touches the core of my heart

This picture of my only love
Is deeply etched in my heart

by Arti Chopra

Comments (37)

The Rapture of a finished Day— Returning to the West— All these—remind us of the place That Men call paradise— who am i to write a comment on such a great poetess. Emily Dickinson.. tony
The rapture of a finished day Returning to the west A well depicted symbol of religious allusion. Nicely put. SYLVA-ONYEMA
Beautiful poem about paradise
First, I’m glad Emily is featured lately. I—and many I expect—can relate to her wondering in this poem. My mind went to how heaven is imagined in The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. In this poem we get a glimpse of how much Emily has at her disposal in the phrases a mighty look runs round the world, carnivals of clouds, and the rapture of a finished day. -GK
Beautiful! Heaven is all around for a peaceful soul. There isn’t a grace superior than what has been bestowed!
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