Haiku: Stumpy Land Walkers

Elephantine legged,
High domes—burrow underground,
Hiss, pop and dig in.

by Caryl Ramsdale

Comments (24)

I always believed this poem to be about a nun taking her vows. It moves me greatly. But then, I AM Irish.
It is appallingly badly read by someone who has a tin ear - Hopkins deserves better.
A sad poem. Simple yes, but carries the despair and the poet's depression. Verbs used 'desired' and 'asked' indicate a high level of low humour. The need to go to heaven. Sometimes simplicity illustrates genius.
What a delicious writing. Lovely in its briefness.
He is one of the great immortals, thats a given. But sometimes even the lordliest and grandest poet / writer can be at a loss for something to write. By nature we HAVE to write, so he doodles, scribbles and fiddles about searching for inspiration. We are all human and we've all done it. So, to be brutally honest, in this instant he has scrawled lines of bad grammar, with no lilt or assonance and the basic cliches of imagination. He would probably wish that he'd scrapped it if he were here today. I would have preferred it if he'd let it find it's own way to the litter bin.
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