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Heaven Is So Lucky

Heaven Is So Lucky

Heaven is so lucky
I am so alone
Heaven has my rock
My heart it feels like stone

Pappy I know your smiling
I miss granny dear
i thank you for leaving her
For my memories to peer

Heaven is so lucky
to have added such a star
She forever will twinkle
like a diamond in my mine

My heart, It feels so black
so heavy, like cast iron or sailors knot
it aches and hurts so badly, Will it ever stop?
I know it can't last forever,
for time will heal my pain
Oh, Heaven up above, ' Darlene' is both our names

am i being selfish?
If so,
So what, for she was never selfish
I can be this once for the both of us
Yes it is a sin,
I do not blame god, for my loss
I compliment Heaven
on the job well done! !
oh lucky heaven! ! ! My grandma is finaly home

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