"Heaven"—Is What I Cannot Reach!


"Heaven"—is what I cannot reach!
The Apple on the Tree—
Provided it do hopeless—hang—
That—"Heaven" is—to Me!

The Color, on the Cruising Cloud—
The interdicted Land—
Behind the Hill—the House behind—
There—Paradise—is found!

Her teasing Purples—Afternoons—
The credulous—decoy—
Enamored—of the Conjuror—
That spurned us—Yesterday!

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (42)

Beautiful poem with compelling imagery.
The last stanza provides imagery that is so precise and leads me to think of the third heaven. Her writings are always atypical.
Love her style and use of imagery.
Fabulous use of metaphors..a beautiful poem!
I love this poem, and i love the line, thanks
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