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Heaven Is;
DB (03-08-1965 / San Pedro California)

Heaven Is;

Poem By Dwayne Bailey

Heaven is a place,
of sweet peace and rest;
Where you never have to worry,
about enimies or peast.
Heaven is a place,
made for both young and old;
Wher the streets are bright,
and paved with gold.
There are no theifs,
and there is no crime;
The sound in heaven,
is a sweet peaceful chime.
You never have to worry,
for there are no hassles or fights;
Because there is none in heaven,
in Gods holy sight.
The rivers are always,
flowing fast and free;
Heaven is the place,
we will spend eternity.
The road to heaven is not easy,
often times it's rough;
But anything in life worth having,
the journeys often tough.
In heaven there is no weeping,
and there is no sorrow;
There is no today,
and there is no tomorrow.
For life in heaven is eternal,
if thats where you wish to stay;
And you need to remember,
Jesus is the only way!
Would you please accept him today?

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