Heaven Once Again

Heaven Once Again

Thoughts flood my mind of love and white roses,
I see an Angel in white.
Floating towards me,

I'm waiting to embrace a beautiful miracle,
Our love story continues,
I am no longer lonely.

The day I will never forget,
The day I can finish, with happiness,
The day a dream has come true!

I won't need anyone else,
But you my eternal love.

I will love you,
Hold you,
Lift you up; on impossible days,

Even on that day,
When death separates me from you,
I will always love you,

For I know,
Our Souls will meet in Heaven once again,
God has said so!

by Ronald Chapman

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While angels are floating towards you carrying light of love. Souls will meet in heaven again and God has said the truth. Very beautifully penned poem is shared here is interesting.10
depiction of transcendental love is very nice, well composed poem, thanks for sharing.