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Heaven Or Hell
( / Connecticut)

Heaven Or Hell

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Will it be Heaven?
Or Hell?
And from which will you pick.

We arrive to be dealt,
From a deck of cards not to know...
What game it is we play.
Or the value placed on each card we
Until we take a step to place,
Hoping approval appears on someone's face.

Then our steps become familiar.
So much so it becomes fun to run.
Until someone says to us,
A 'God' observes everything done.
A God superior and sits high in the sky.
And also invisible.
Never seen to describe.
Then we are told to accept and believe,
This 'Deity' judges.
And with a wish to be pleased.
So it is best to stay humble.
Pray faithfully everyday.
With it done on our knees.
Knowing we are tested.
By a God no one sees.

Become more challenging is this life,
We are blessed to get.
With obstacles and sorrows to overcome,
At our best.
And yet no one says,
There is a demon named Lucifer.
One of equal powers.
With temptations pleasing.
And easier to get without sweating or tests.

Is it Heaven?
Or will it be Hell?
More appealing to appease.
And which one requires less,
Sweating through obstacles...
To pray on knees until they leave.
And which to the young folks,
Seems more believable?
Some 'guy' disguised in skies above.
Or one unknown but more accessible?
With tricks and treats with games played,
To deceive.
Yet more dependable to reach,
To please temporary needs.
And quick to please with ease,
The lowest of our decadent expectations.
Which will be?
Or Hell?
And which one are we more familiar with,
On a daily basis to believe its reality.

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I didn't know that those of faith had a choice. Those who don't worry about these silly invented words get on with life.