FU (26th of august 1999 / Nigeria)

Heaven Or Hell

I was asleep
away my spirit slipped
to the heavens to meet my maker
the giver of life and life taker
This is Paradise I exclaimed
everyone deserves to be here i acclaimed
I walked to the gate of heaven
O! beautiful heaven
wait! I heard a voice say
I turned it was an Angel and so on the floor I lay
where are you going to woman?
Do you think you should be here woman?
Angel, am going to heaven my home
Limed off the rim of the earth across the dome
I deserve to be here
I have the right to be here
Well, this is the book of life
if your name is not in this book of life
Am sorry heaven is not your home
Hell is your home
He searched for my name
it was still the same
it was never found
my name was never found
then he said, Depart!
I felt my heart ripped apart
Heavens declare thy glory lord,
with my eyes I have behold your word
Have mercy
Tamper justice with mercy
I cried
and he listened
We open the gate for you to come in
but you held by sin
Anyway I'll give you a second chance
an unmerited chance
to correct yourself
only you can save yourself
is it heaven or hell
his words rang like a bell.

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