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Heaven's Loft Illusions
JS ( / Carlsbad, California, USA)

Heaven's Loft Illusions

Poem By John Schwei

Burning fragrant joss sticks
Stuck in a dark bark niche
Destiny can be had ad nauseam
Forbearance with all its malum
Pondering with sleight old nick
Hoping somehow for no switch
Job's comforter will interpel
A tormentor in its hell
To see miracles in the light
Life upside down in day of night
Repace the image of body
Mind now not so haughty
Shifted shadow oh so flighty
Known to trek of stars delightly
Some distant time prior Kantian
Abort aloft yore clay Pre-Cambrian
United with strength in all its thoughts
Too late remembered set not naught
Souls all malcontent breakthrough anew
Judgement cloud portends a Thanatos view

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