Heaven's Triangle

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit,
The Triangle connects The Three,
Giving praise, honor and glory through rhyme,
Is the triangle connecting Vickie, Tulsa and me.

Christian verses connect the dots,
Like numbers on a child’s water color painting,
The canvas sparkles with poetic thoughts,
Like music comes alive when you add singing.

Writing from the heart to understand the spirit in me,
Surfing on the Internet where one became three,
Vickie and Tulsa praising The Lord in rhyme poetry,
Also posting online for everyone to see,
There’s really no place that I would rather be,
Than with my new Christian Triangle family.

Having never seen their face or heard the voice,
I know I could not have made a better choice,
Saving souls with shouts and not whispers,
Thank You Heavenly Father for my spiritual sisters.

Oklahoma, Kentucky, Ohio, traveling at the speed of light,
Thoughts, ideas and suggestions are emailed overnight,
Checked, rechecked, and new lines are sent on their way,
Only to have the process, repeated the very next day.

This is how we do it; there’s no better way to play,
When it’s finally finished, we look at it and say,
Thank You in the name of Jesus as we kneel and pray,
Looking forward to another challenge and a brand new day.

Our eyes scan more verses as we do it all over again,
Brother and sisters in Christ through the Holy Spirit our friend,
Read, proof read, fill the email box and hit send,
It’s time to turn the computer off, for this poem it’s the end.

by Luke Easter

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