CM (September 1st,1991 / )

Heaven's Wind

On this cold, dreary April night,
A woman raced to save her life
Her small, bare feet slipped in the silence
And her breath stuck, frozen in her lungs
Every beat of her hear was heard
And every gasp of her voice warned
She was the hunt

The clouds above her head,
Gave not any shelter
They lit her figure up in fire
Showing all who she was
And as the rain pounded, she ran
Ran to save her life from the end
Not stopping when she stumbled

Blood dripped down her legs
Gashes shown crimson red on her pale skin
And blood throbbed in her head
Blocking out all sounds
Only her hear she could hear
And with every step
She grew closer to her salvation

The church which held her dear
It was all she had
And all that could save her
So as her breath grew faint
As the sky released one last bolt
A lone shot was heard in the darkness
Ending all movement this cold April night

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