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Heaven's Wonders

When I set out for Heaven's wonders
I couldn't at first toss asunder
all my misconceived beliefs
thus began a fitful dream
in a restless, turning sleep

The first wonder was very dire
ten thousand fools in a flaming fire
and there upon a dark throne sat
a king among his swirling bats

In my despair I looked up
all I saw was a dark, brooding sky
when I caught a glimpse of a growing window
one faint candle in a sea of night
So I spread my faithful wings in flight
and with resolve sought
the second wonder, I did wonder
what it was I meant to see

The second wonder was a symphony
ten thousand spirits, ten thousand horns
all lifted in praise and melody
then in disarray and discord
and no two sounds could be so opposite
like day and night, like wake and sleep
as the sunshine thus gives the rain
because for man the angels weep

I returned just a moment later
in the same spot I began my quest
and found not to my surprise
to find nothing in the sky
So I tossed all my belief,
a fool's odyssey, I wept
consigned my life for nothing left
and turned away in grief

When a piercing groan filled the air
a leper on the road ahead
I found myself going there
forgetting of what I'd said
His outstretched hand grabbed me
in a pale voice he said
'Put me out of my misery'
but I wouldn't let the man die
so I said without thinking
'Here, let me save you
there's nothing more wondrous than living'

He said 'Now do you understand? '
then a remarkable thing did happen
the man arose completely healed
began to shine with a holy glow
those tattered clothes then disappeared
I said 'The gift of life,
is this Heaven's wonder? '
The angel smiled, spread his wings
and began to lift in holy flight
as he became one with the light
and the sounds of trumpets filled the sky

I was left with a meaning from above
turned to walk away
then the crackle of loud thunder
showed me God's watching eyes

© 2009 by Kevin Howell

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