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Poem By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How blind can a hindsight be?

Do you remember yesterday?
When corruption and thieves,
Were given carte blanche...
To do as they please.
From gilded cages in glass towers...
Lined up and down,
On poverty stricken trash strewn streets!
Where homelessness and hunger,
'Still' lays there below there upturned noses...
And at their feet.

Wasn't it just yesterday,
a smothering of truth and misdeeds,
Were deceitfully employed?
While much need jobs were outsourced overseas?
And 'this' practice they enjoyed.

An infrastructure has not stopped crumbling,
For as far as the eye can see.
While thugs in silk suits pull duping tricks.
And this they do from the cuffs of stolen sleeves.

And the ones with honesty as a mission,
Are being blocked by much devilment.
There is a gaping hole that deepens...
Not recently dug by those of common sense.
Those with elitest intentions did it!

And they wish to prevent,
The ones unconscious to realize...
The pointing of fingers is done towards,
The real 'bad' guys.
And a worshipping of greed and gluttony,
Is a privilege heaven sent!
With a hope that those unconscious...
Stand up in their defense.

What about the waste, fraud and all of this abuse? '

Good question!
Aren't those the directions you inflicted,
And introduced?
Didn't that occur while you addicted the people...
And them seduced?


Thank you for your obvious admission.

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