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Heavenly Beauty
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Heavenly Beauty

Poem By Daniel Burns

Picture the most beautiful angel standing in the fields of Heaven
A beautiful horizon and the absolute most perfect sunrise there's ever been
Her beautiful hair falls like a gentle rain as it sparkles in the sunshine
Her eyes are brighter than the stars could ever shine
Her lips are as soft and fragile as a perfectly bloomed fresh rose
Inside and out, her beauty is too great to match anything the world knows
Her voice has the harmony only Heaven's angels could be this gifted
Her inner child so cute that even Heaven's spirits are lifted
Her kisses are as pure and welcoming as the Pearly Gates
Her embrace is as loving and warm as the sun and moon mates
Her heart is filled with the purest passions and emotions
Her soul respectfully demands total devotion
She is truly sweeter than the most perfectly aged wine
Truly sweeter than the most perfectly aged wine

To describe her beauty is beyond words of comprehension
For her beauty is too great for mere words to mention
The kind of beauty that will outlast the ages through infinity
She was created by Heaven's angels and the Trinity
And nobody could ever be as beautiful as amazing or as perfect
As the lights of the Heavenly gates can only reflect
She is the definition of the most beautiful miracle from the Heavens above
Her movements are as graceful as that of a pure white dove
Her passion rings true as a melody from a Heavenly bell
Her heart whispers with passion as drawn from the deepest well
Her passionate beauty resides within her heart and soul
Heart and soul amazing, lovely, adorable, and beautiful
Watching her purely it is seen that she is Heaven's angel
It is seen that she is Heaven's angel

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