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Heavenly Citizenship
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Heavenly Citizenship

Poem By Bob Gotti

I’m no longer of this earth; I have been changed by a spiritual birth,
Although I still walk this sod, I now belong to the Kingdom of God.
A heavenly plane beyond this earth; in a Kingdom of Eternal Worth,
While down here, I am led by God, comforted by His staff and rod.

Although I was born on earth in sin, of Heaven above I am a citizen,
A new citizen of Heaven, eternally, all through the Cross of Calvary.
While I am here He lives within, through The Holy Spirit sent by Him,
Jesus Christ, who came to die for me, to give me New Life eternally.

It’s the Holy Spirit who lives inside, helping this sinner daily to abide,
To abide in my Lord, Jesus Christ, who gave to this sinner a new life.
For, when The Lord was crucified, New Life, I received when He died,
When for me, Jesus paid that price, by becoming for me a Sacrifice.

After Christ had died in my stead, my Lord rose again from the dead,
Leaving empty, the Garden Tomb, and sealing forever, Satan’s doom,
And with Christ being The Living Bread, up to Heaven, He went ahead,
Leaving behind death’s dark gloom, to set up for me an eternal room.

As a member of the human race, my heavenly citizenship is of Grace,
The thought I’d alone never conceive, let alone, something I’d achieve.
But soon I’ll see my Lord’s face, when I’m lifted to my heavenly place,
Friend all this too, you can receive, if in Christ you would just believe.

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Very well done, well thought out, true. I'm not a churchgoer but when I simply start my day talking to God informally in my kitchen I'm in a better frame of mind thruout the day and seem to get more done. Jesus is not just 'spiritual' but practical.