Heavenly Dream

Pearl gates swing open wide.
Saints rejoicing all inside.
Streets made of purest gold.
Only beauty to behold.
Jasper walls all around.
Only love can be found
The greatest of all to see.
The One who died to set me free.

I see a wonderful glorious light.
Shining and radiant and so bright.
I hear beautiful praise and singing.
Heavenly joybells are all ringing.
No one is hurting, no one in pain.
No one is crippled, no need of a cane.
No sickness or death anywhere.
No more grief, no more fear.

I see Jesus reaching out for me.
But, oh wait, this just can't be.
It was only a Heavenly dream.
But oh so real this dream did seem.
A dream it may be today.
But Heaven is only one breath away.
Knowing the beauty that awaits me.
Forever in Heaven I want to be.

by Carla Bell

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Wonderful sentiments. Jesus is my best friend also.