LMH (7/27/89 / Russia)

Heavenly Night

Heaven is on our side tonight
We get ready for a desirable ride
My body craving for his delicious touch
As I slip into the arms that I love so much
He leans in and kisses me so deep
I push my body into him, telling him to take the leap
Looking at me to make sure I’m ok
We start our journey without a delay
I close my eyes and let him take control
My head gets dizzy with delight and I soar
Above the world of Egyptian cotton sheets in our bed
Far above all the words that were ever said
I know I love him and he loves me just the same
He’s inside my body and I feel another hot flame
All my cares melt away in this time lapse
His breath comes out in sensual gaps
Drenched in our sweet scent, we slow down
I look into his delightful eyes, so deep, so brown
I realize that I made the best decision of my life today
By vowing that is his arms is where I’ll forever stay

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