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Heavenly Sights
RW ( / Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, UK)

Heavenly Sights

As I looked up into the sky, night was breaking dawn,
What I saw was wonderful, on this early springtime morn,
A hint of red with shades of blue, and little flecks of cloud,
As the sun began to rise, the dawn chorus was so loud.

Now I have become enthralled, spellbound with what I see,
There's so much happening up above, it's captivating me,
Birds are taking to the wing, after roosting through the night,
The sky's become a busy place, now that it's getting light.

Early morning airliners, heading for islands in the sun,
Leave behind their vapour trail, each and every one,
Black clouds gather in the West, they could reach us soon,
But at this moment I can see, the sun and the waning moon.

Every hour before noon, the sun climbs a little higher,
Suddenly the peace is broken, by an R.A.F. low flyer,
Noise from a speeding jet, forces the birds to dive for cover,
Such things we have to tolerate, annoying nature and it's lover.

The clouds that were in the west, are now passing overhead,
Sending down a shower of rain, refreshment for the flower bed,
The birds come out of hiding, in search of bread and other prey,
That is a sight that can be seen, throughout the entire day.

The sky is looking like a chart, vapour lines crossing the blue,
A wonderful sight for the naked eye, this panoramic view,
The sun transmits its ultra rays, upon all that's on the ground,
And now for just one moment, it is silent, not a sound.

As time goes by I see the sun, slowly heading to the West,
The heat of the day is over, but we have enjoyed the best,
Odd flecks of white cloud loiter, they will float away quite soon,
I see one in particular, in the shape of a fusiliers plume.

There are some things we cannot see, many miles up in the sky
But they can take earth's pictures, with their telephoto eye,
They were put there for a purpose, it took a great deal of thought,
The satellite and space station, not to forget the brave astronaut.

The sky is changing, orange, grey, black and red,
Another thing I've noticed, the starlings have just fled,
The shadows are not stretching, soon they will be gone,
And as the sun sinks lower, I hear a nightingale in song.

Darkness once again befalls us, the day has drawn to a close,
Bringing down the curtain, on one of natures greatest shows,
The moon and the stars, now the sky's only night lights,
But to me they're much more, they are heavenly sights.

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