Heavenly Smells

Hot fish and chips steaming on a tray
Even better with mushy peas to keep the hunger pangs at bay
Aromatic herbs and spices bubble in a curry
Vines are stripped of precious grapes, but its important not to hurry
Eggs and bacon in the pan mean its breakfast time
Nothing is more tasty than steak, succulent and in its prime
Long hot summer days its Eau de Barbecue what fills the air
Yellow mustard sauce is nothing finer on a hotdog, classic summer fair

Smoked kippers in Scotland simply can't be beat
Melted cheese on toast is a tasty snack time treat
Eating is not enjoyable if you lose your sense of smell
Lemon and honey drinks make you feel well
Links of sausages sizzling in a pan
Stimulate the senses as only a heavenly smell can

by Richard Sockett

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